jburgers_sfWell hello there! This blog is ran by me, Jeroen Burgers. In my professional life, I’m a Technical Architect at Salesforce. Based out the Netherlands, living in the beautiful village of Rosmalen part of the amazing ‘s-Hertogenbosch (for many probable easier to spell than to speak – just give it try). The town where Jheronimus (a.k.a. Jeroen, Jeronimus & Hieronymus) Bosch was born and where he painted his famous oeuvre.  I must admit that I’m still a real rookie in the Salesforce world. Started back in October 2016. But my whole professional life so far has been centered around CRM & the front-office. It’s fun but true, I started my professional the 1st of January 2000 (2K bug). You can guess my age, I won’t spell it out. Between 2000 and 2016 I have been instrumental implementing primarily Siebel in many industries and ranging from small to full-stack. I started as consultant at Ernst & Young Consulting, which became Capgemini db1Ernst & Young Consulting and finally Capgemini. 1st of January 2005 I moved and started at Siebel Systems as Technical Account Manager, to be acquired by Oracle 9 months later. And man, that was quite a transition. One thing I never lost out of sight (at least I hope) has been carrying the It’s All About The Customer tag line. Although walking that talk, became harder and harder due to changing business priorities at my dboetelprevious employer. And what a breeze has it been since joining Salesforce! I surely wasn’t the first to take this route,  and it has been a terrific ride so far.  I embarked on a very steep learning journey. And what a journey that has been to date! And what a contribution the Salesforce #Ohana brings to the table. That circles back to this blog. In terms of contribution to the #Ohana I decided to pick up my virtual pencil again. And re-start blogging about Salesforce, my experiences, useful learnings and what not. All under the covers of my WordPress-hosted Cloudmatters blog.

Hope you enjoy it!

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